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Digicraft helps startups improve their chances of success

David Evans helps Internet startups execute successful marketing strategies, receive incredible media exposure, acquire new customers, identify and enter new markets, attract investment, develop new products and much more.

Between working with clients in a variety of roles, blogging, research, business development and media interviews, I wear many hats.

As the President of Digicraft, I have worked with strategic thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators on a wide variety of groundbreaking and influential digital projects international web sites and Internet marketing projects.

I periodically blog about the online dating industry at Online Dating Insider, where I analyze the online dating industry, the technology providers, value-added services, financial resources and consumer brands participating in the marketplace. I spend a fair amount of time talking to investors on various expert networks, doing advisory calls with mobile dating startups, and talking to the media about dating industry trends and predictions.

Recently I’ve been helping nonprofits in southern Vermont operate more efficiently and run better board meetings, often by gently introducing collaborative solutions like Asana and Slack.

Summer 2016

On For Friday

On For Friday Rochester NY dating and social networking

Launch strategy and marketing. Sharing knowledge and wisdom based on over a decade helping dating and social startups get funded, develop new products, launch, and grow.

Winter 2016

Coworking Plus

Coworking Plus winter 2016

Bringing Coworking Plus Brattleboro to life. Launching Coworking Plus in Brattleboro, Vermont. Efforts include collaborating with local business leaders, state non-profit support organizations, other coworking spaces, donor list development, corporate fundraising, site selection, and board development.



Dating industry consulting continues at Online Dating Insider, where I’ve covered the business of online dating since 2002. Primarily guiding entrepreneurs through the launch of 100+ dating sites and as an advisor to investors and the media.


Working at @vintagesteele

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A start-up in 2015 is a guess- testing machine
Scott Adams – Dilbert


What I do


Advisory services, coaching, growth hacks and marketing tactics.


Social & dating industry analysis, due diligence and gut-checks.


Social & dating industry overview, trends and predictions.


  • Advisory services
  • Lean startup mentoring
  • Coaching

Lean Startup

  • First 50k visitors
  • Decreasing time to market
  • Optimizing marketing spend
  • Conversion & retention
  • Product Development


Curated startup accelerator services in our new coworking space.

Gut checks

Due diligence requires external input. I’ve been following the online dating industry since 2002.

Dating Industry Analysis

No matter what side of the deal you’re on I provide valuable insight into how the dating industry operates, the major players, investment opportunities, history and much more.

Industry Overview

Background, mobile, growth, networks, white label, functionality.


Dating industry trend analysis going back to the 90’s and beyond.


In 20 years online dating will be as easy as looking into a camera, submitting DNA and a credit report. And that’s just the beginning.



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Alison Roth

Valuable perspective

David Evans is an expert in the realm of Online Dating and Social Networking when it comes to marketing and technology. He is the first person I consult then I want to know the latest greatest and the opinion I value most when I’m doing research for a client. He’s reliable, smart, grounded, and can be counted on to over deliver. He got his hand on the pulse of the industry and few can claim his knowledge, intuition and contacts. Additionally, he’s an amazing guy with a great sense of humor which makes working with him a delight.

Alison RothThought Rocket
Michael Tattersall

Consummate professional

David’s strengths in effective client liaison, project management and internet technologies have been essential ingredients in our firm’s provision of advisory and analysis services to senior management at large corporations and smaller young companies seeking to create competitive advantage from technology. David is able to diagnose a situation and adjust his activity accordingly, he is able to explain his specialist knowledge well to those that need the essential facts and he is a useful brainstormer for creative sessions. He has helped my firm develop its marketing materials and undertaken a variety of marketing campaigns that make cost effective use of limited resources.

Michael TattersallStratsoftllc
Jeff Basler

Saved us a bundle

After spending months in research and thousands in development we made a call to David as we moved forward with our online project. As it turned out the one hour call saved us over 100 grand. David uncovered our blind spot which led to our private fund pulling out of this particular deal. Some folks claim to be experts. David IS the expert!

Jeff BaslerInvestor
David Galiel

Highest integrity

I have worked with David on various projects for many years. He is a professional with the highest integrity, with particular skill at leading and managing technical groups, maintaining focus and productivity of even the most mercurial technical types. He knows how to bridge the gap between marketing, technical and creative departments in a way that never fails to surprise and impress me.

David GalielGame Designer
Meir Strahlberg

Industry insider

Dave has incredible insight into the online dating industry and into social networking. We look at our website, date.com, everyday, and we often loose sight of the big picture. Dave has helped us see the entire forest and not just focus on the trees. I recommend Dave to anyone thinking about entering this business, and his insight can help even the largest, most established companies

Meir StrahlbergDate.com
Nora Foster

Energizing approach

David is a bundle of energy and approaches ideas with an amazingly creative mind and technological acumen. It has been a pleasure working with him to define his product strategy and marketing messages. He believes in his service as much as he believes in satisfying customers, which attests to the continued success of his company.

Nora FosterMarketer
James Waldron

Grace under pressure

David acted as a core director of a complex, multi-country development group creating an online community for Sweden Post, the national mail delivery corporation of Sweden. Our group worked out of New York City and David was a chief liason to our programming groups based in Stockholm and London. David was a tireless manager and idea generator, all while traveling between time zones. I highly recommend his commitment and innovation.

James WaldronDirector, Interactive Media, Anderson Lembke
Joseph Maguire III

Strategic planner

David hired us to design the updated web presence for StratsoftLLC.com. And he worked with us to redesign a showcase for data-driven proprietary geo-economic maps and models that turn client, customer and competitor data into concise information for executive decision makers. We enjoyed working with Dave, he has a great work ethic and is an excellent strategic planner whose efforts allowed the website update to come to life in short order

Joseph Maguire IIIFounder, Elephantik

Tech savvy dating blog

Yours is the smartest, most tech savvy dating blog out there.

KatherineCOO, Thread.com
Maximilian Niederhofer

Influential dating industry blog

David publishes *the* blog of the online dating industry. His writing has helped me tremendously during the planning and launch of my new company, IncrediblInc!

Maximilian NiederhoferVenture Capitalist
Emil Sarnogoev

Provocative ideas

David does fantastic job of making people think when proposing provocative ideas and asking right questions on his online dating industry blog. I wouldn’t start an online dating business without prior advice from an expert like David.

Emil SarnogoevSkalfa eCommerce
Evan Marc Katz

Gracious competitor

It’s not often that you can call a competitor a friend, but that’s exactly the way I met Dave. We had started competing profile writing services in 2003 when we began comparing notes about the online dating landscape. I eagerly watched as he turned himself into THE authority on the dating/social networking biz, and I continue to read his blog and seek his wisdom to this day. If you’re looking for a man who can back up his opinions with fact, and tell you about technologies you’ve never even heard of, well, this is your lucky day…

Evan Marc KatzAdvice From A Single Dating Expert
Elena Albamonte

Great gudance

David was a huge help to me when I was creating my online dating site. I was new to the online dating industry and it was helpful to get an insider’s viewpoint regarding the types of questions to put in the profiles, fields and pages needed, as well as guidance on how to make the site more user friendly. I highly recommend him.

Elena AlbamonteLawyers in Love


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